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CB & GD round up - Halloween edition

The month of October has seen Grace Dieu Nursey and Charles Booth Pre-School get crafty!

This week, the babies have all made some scary pictures for display in our baby room and to take home. They have used their hands to make some Frankensteins and Pumpkins. This was a great sensory experience, having paint in-between their fingers. They also made ghosts using paper plates, black paint and tissue paper. These activities are great for physical development and expressive art and design for babies.

Our toddlers enjoyed scooping out the pumpkins that we picked and painting them. The seeds will be kept for next year’s pumpkins in our allotment! We did lots of painting using autumn colours. We love painting because it helps the children’s motor skills and gives them opportunities to talk to each other. This is great for personal, social and emotional development.

pumpkin carving
Pumpkin Carving

Our lower pre-school had so much fun finding and picking pumpkins in our allotment. The children compared sizes with each other. They then had the opportunity to paint them!

Pumpkin picking

Our upper pre-school were busy painting pumpkin plates and making Halloween hats! We also read the book ‘Pumpkin soup’, which is one of our Autumn favourites.

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