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Story Time
  • Writer's pictureAlison Simpson

Grace Dieu Manor Holiday Club is back!

Holiday Club welcomes children up until the age of 11.

We offer a wide range of activities, which include:

-Arts & crafts 

-Forest School

-Yoga & Dance


Sending your children to Holiday Club won't just benefit you and your work life, it will also benefit your children...

Physical activity

When a child is at school, they spend most of their time sat behind a desk. Spending time running around and playing different sports enables them to burn off some steam and improve their physical fitness. 

No screen time 

Typically, younger generations now find more entertainment by playing video games on their phone or computers. Here at Grace Dieu Manor Park Holiday Club, we will be far too busy playing, doing arts & crafts or at forest school, to have the time!

Social skills

We believe that encouraging children to take part in games and activities during their time at our Holiday Club reinforces the importance of being able to work as part of a team, and encourages children to take on different roles, which leads back to building confidence in different situations.

Starting on 19th February, you can join us from 9am - 4pm for only £30 per day or 8am - 6pm for £40 per day.

You can also use tax free childcare or any company childcare vouchers to pay for Holiday Club.

Click the link below to enquire:


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